aziraphale (aziraphale13) wrote,

what a weekend

so once life finally started going great, i get a stomach punch of a weekend.

a very close friend of my sister who was really integral to my growth as a person died on saturday, taken away at far too young an age.

my father is having complications from surgery. he is apparently doing much better today, which is good.

add to this the comparatively inconsequental items of going into work on my day off and not getting a phone call from s, and it just adds up to a crappy couple of days. at least the weather was appropriate.

on the bright side:
m. was suffering greatly. she shouldn't have been taken away, but she fought the fight and lost. although i haven't really felt the impact of
it all yet, i truely find it hard to grieve for those whose suffering was taken away after a long losing battle.

my dad is doing better.

i made my sister laugh when she called me to give the news. i thought nothing of it at the time but when my mother told me that she had mentioned it the next day, i once again realized how little things without conscious intention can make a difference.

i'm dating for the first time in quite awhile, and i'm not really sure how it happened.

(lisp) rehersal today for the june 1st show went well. i am getting increasingly excited/agitated about it.

i called s and now have plans to meet up twice this week. let the nerves begin.

my friends. through the romantic crisis and the personal crisis, many people have truely stepped up and offered great advice or insight. this week more than others, i am incredibly thankful for the group of people that chose to share time with me.
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