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holy crap

So I just joined the 21st century. I updated ProTools to the OSX version since a friend of mine was able to give me the one other bit of software I needed to make the migration feasible.


Even using of of the most complex, system intensive mixes I've ever done, I was able to add so much more stuff without any issues. No more comprimising or printing effects, no more "that sure is a lot of tracks," plus a much prettier interface and an OS that won't crash. Oh and since OSX knows how to use the fans in the computer, I don't anticipate any more melting processors.

this feels like making the step from a 4 track cassette recorder to a 16 track 2" tape.

yikes. i feel somewhat inspired for the first time in awhile.

(sorry if any of that made no sense. sometimes i embrace jargon. i make no apologies.)
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