aziraphale (aziraphale13) wrote,

and there was light...and it was good....sorta

i just spent an hour changing lightbulbs in my apartment. an hour. 26 lightbulbs. one lightbulb explosion. yikes. i would like to note that buying cheap lightbulbs (which my roomates like to do) is bad. they fall apart when you're trying to remove them if the socket is remotely warped (like in my apartment), which leaves the poor lightbulb changer to go at the socket with a pair of pliers in order to get the base out. not good times.

(lisp) is going really well at this point. there was some restructuring and the past two sessions after that have been very productive. i'm starting to get anxious waiting two weeks for each session.

and in bad news, HBO officially cancelled Carnivale. I now hate HBO. I will never subscribe to HBO again. on the other side, i now have no strong ties to ever watching television.
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