aziraphale (aziraphale13) wrote,

i am jack's all consuming frustration

what an uneventful/frustrating weekend.

i hate my job. no, really.

didn't get tickets for a show i wanted to go to because i was promised a pass that fell through at the last minute, at which time the show was sold out. and then i'm the jerk because i didn't get a ticket, even though she never told me it was a possibility that she wouldn't be able to get me in.

it seems more and more likely that i'm not going to be producing the vocals for an album that i committed to a few months ago. the band is being picked up by a large indie, but it loks like the guy signing them wants to do it. there goes my chance to work on a record with major distribution.

other projects had a (either major or minor, not quite sure yet) boiling over. i think that it will be good in the long term, but in the short term i didn't get to have fun on sunday.

b. bailed on me for our regular monday on the town. didn't bother to call me until early evening, although it was a pretty valid excuse.

i'm missing the free sneak preview of hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy because i have to work.

the only salvageable moment from this weekend was seeing kung-fu hustle for free. very enjoyable.

and now, another week of drudgery.
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